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Norwich Gazette
Monday, January 22nd 1900.

Sunrise: 8:10 AM
Sunset: 4:00 PM
Temperature: 25F

Cloudy and dim, significant windchill. Surface snow 2 inches within city, significant chance of light snowfall. Residents are warned of ice and cold.

Influence Notes

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Influence Notes

Post  God on Wed Mar 16, 2016 1:40 pm

What is Influence?
In short, Influence is the ability to make one's will and desires carried out by often unwitting third parties. It is the favoured tactic of elders; at it's highest levels the victim will be thwarted at every turn by a series of unfortunate events, who will be filled with a vague sense of persecution but have no idea who is attacking them, or even if there is a 'who'.

Where is Influence?
Another easy question: wherever there is power to be had. From gentlemen's clubs to anarchist meetings, bankers' offices to union halls – they all offer possibilities to an enterprising Kindred. Unwitting or not, many Kine have some Influence to offer; a humble railway porter can inform on any strange people or packages being transported, a office clerk can note down who frequently meets their boss etc.

For my own sanity, Influence will be divided into 'Sectors'; of which will be listed on the Influence Sheet. They are general sectors; I accept that some will overlap. Naturally, Sectors will change over time.

How do I get Influence?
Simply put; a collection of your other Backgrounds and Abilities. If your character makes an effort to build up Allies, Contacts and Retainers in a particular area, I will duly note it and put the appropriate section down on their sheet. I will update this during downtime. Gaining and losing Influence dots does not cost any XP.

So, how do I manage Influence?
You can't. You can't buy it with XP - though you can earn it with RP. I will decide what is the state of your Influences at the end of each episode from a grab-bag of other Backgrounds, Abilities and your character's actions in-game.

However, if you wish to aim for a particular sector, you can ask for pointers on what could achieve it. Please remember, however; my advice is *not* a recommendation on what course you should take.

How do I use Influence?
Like Lores, I am not going to provide large lists on what can or can't be done with Influence. While you are free to discuss possible moves, I will never recommend a course of action. My input will be limited to providing information from general knowledge and your characters' own abilities.

See Also: Background Notes, Influence Sectors

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