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Norwich Gazette
Monday, January 22nd 1900.

Sunrise: 8:10 AM
Sunset: 4:00 PM
Temperature: 25F

Cloudy and dim, significant windchill. Surface snow 2 inches within city, significant chance of light snowfall. Residents are warned of ice and cold.

Lore Notes

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Lore Notes

Post  God on Wed Mar 16, 2016 1:44 pm

In effect, Occult is the generalised knowledge which is available amongst the kine; Lores represent the truly secret knowledge. The former is full of interpretation, fluff and plain bullshit; the latter more concrete facts [at least as far as occult facts go].

I will be stingy with Lores; it will be exceedingly difficult for characters to increase them with XP – but not impossible. As with other things, I will listen to reasonable requests during downtime. I will also be keeping an eye on what your character learns in-play. If you feel they have learned enough to justify another dot, ask.

After some mental deliberation, I have decided not to provide lists of it here. Lores are a general sign of your characters' knowledge, not a rigid list which you either know all on said list or none at all. In effect, the ratings are as follows [and the rough age of said character.]

1 = Apprentice [Fledgeling]
2 = Initiate [Neonate]
3 = Novice [Ancilla]
4 = Master [Elder]
5 = Grandmaster [Methuselah]

If you are unsure of if a particular piece of Lore is known to your character or not, please ask. This site [] provides Lore lists; they are a good idea of level of knowledge each rank has. Though my ruling is final, not the list's!

As ever, I will listen to reasonable Lore suggestions. However, I don't feel you need to depart from the following:


Area Lore is a partial exception to the rules; this one is easier to increase than the others. It represents a characters' knowledge of a particular city or town. However, I will tie it into your characters' other Abilities and concept; the Brujah thief's Lore might tell her about the policemen's usual patrol routes and criminal fences, while a Toreador socialite's will tell him about every gentleman's club in town and who is a member of them.

I will use this lore frequently. If it was of no use, I would not offer it.

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