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Norwich Gazette
October 1904.

Sunrise: 7:20 AM
Sunset: 6:00 PM
Temperature: 65F

Bright and warm, with a refreshing breeze; clouding over later. Small chance of light showers in the evening.

Status Notes

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Status Notes

Post  God on Wed Mar 16, 2016 1:49 pm

We will be running two Status Backgrounds here; Sect and Clan. If you choose either or both of these Backgrounds, I want to know how the character earned it. No long stories; 'Peter the Gangrel helped the Sheriff of Sheffield rout a large pack of Sabbat in 1897' would be enough. Obviously, what impresses the Camarilla and clan elders are often two completely different things; though like the previous example sometimes both can be done at the same time. For each dot in Status, you will also need to pick a suitable title from the list.

Remember, it is perfectly possible for a Kindred to have little or no status in one, but significant in the other [an excellent example of this would be a reclusive Noseratu, invisible to all but their peers].

If your character is talking to an NPC which is both in the Camarilla and your clan, they will act on your higher status. If your characters' clan and/or sect Lore is high enough, I will tell you the NPC's Status and perhaps the reason[s] why.

Let me make this clear; Status is not given out freely. It is a public event where a elder Kindred recognises that the character[s] have repeatedly performed deeds above and beyond the call of duty and in the best interests of sect and/or clan. It will take years, perhaps decades of loyal service for a Hound to be recognised as 'Feared', for example. The reason given is merely an example of their service.

But it is incredibly easy to lose these. A single slip, if serious enough can cause it to be stripped, again publicly. In this, many older Kindred end up resembling their reputation; it is a well-crafted mask which has served them well for centuries.

Some official positions grant automatic sect status. We will discuss the mechanics of this if or when your character reaches this level.

Lastly, the different Status titles do affect play. Think carefully before you pick one.

See Also: Status Chart

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