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Norwich Gazette
October 1904.

Sunrise: 7:20 AM
Sunset: 6:00 PM
Temperature: 65F

Bright and warm, with a refreshing breeze; clouding over later. Small chance of light showers in the evening.

Background Notes

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Background Notes

Post  God on Wed Mar 16, 2016 1:37 pm

There will be two ways of gaining Backgrounds – either you purchase them with XP, or the character is awarded them for free during play. Creativity is encouraged, and sometimes rewarded. Ones in red cannot be bought in creation. Ones in blue are seriously limited and are down to ST discretion alone.

Allies are others of significant power and/or influence who will assist you without requiring too many details or persuasion to do so. This could be a single powerful individual or an organisation which owes you loyalty [in which the individual will represent 'the boss'].

- Each dot will feature a named NPC who will be defined and placed within the chronicle. Each NPC will have a few 'cohorts' [beat policemen, thugs, clerks etc.] from their same field they will bring along if needed.

- This category is subdivided into Allies [Mortal] and Allies [Supernatural].

Contacts are useful people you know. While they will not immediately jump at your command, at very least they'll listen to your questions and requests.

- Each dot will feature a named NPC who will be defined and placed within the chronicle. In addition, each dot has a small collection of minor contacts who may prove useful in their chosen field.

- This category is subdivided into Contacts [Mortal] and Contacts [Supernatural].

Domain is physical territory which has been officially declared to belong to the character. If communal, dot rating signifies the character's share of it. The rating is on the value [to Kindred] of the location. Ownership of a Domain can lead to extra Backgrounds.

- Each dot will detail the territory owned, and items of note within it.

Haven are property[ies] which are owned by the character outright, thus not dependent on other Backgrounds for possession. Note: this Background is not vital for your character to have a haven - most will reside in ones paid by their Resources, supplied by Retainers etc. This represents properties which are solidly held by the character, ownership if sufficiently hidden etc.

- Haven ratings are identical to the ones laid out in the Resources Chart

Herd are beings to which your character can locate and feed from fairly freely.

- Each dot will be defined. Numbers of vessels will be as said in V20. If you are choosing non-standard Herds, I will allow the numbers to change to offer the same amount of blood points [such as animals].

Influence is the indirect clout your character has. If they develop interests in a particular location or section of the community, influence over it usually follows. However, be wary of treading on other's toes! Like Domain, this can lead to other Backgrounds.

- See Influence Notes for more details.

Library is a collection of specialist materials which allow your character to perform Research in the comfort of their own home. [This Background is different to the one used in Mage the Ascension.]

- Each dot provides +1 to Research rolls on three subjects of your choosing [from a base of 0]. Dots can stack, so over time you can say build up an impressive collection of occult or academic resources at home. Note this does not include general works of reference or fiction.

Mentor is an elder Kindred who is interested in your well-being and progress. This could range from your character's sire or an unrelated Kindred who shares your character's interests to an elder who coldly sees you as a useful minion. While they may be able to advise or guide the character, this relationship is not one to take lightly; for if the character screws up or does something the mentor does not approve of, the character will be ditched.

- The number of dots represents their level of 'available power'. For example, a 1-dot might be an ancilla who will give it their all, a hoary elder who is vaguely interested in your progress or an enthusiastic, powerful sire who unfortunately dwells far away to be of much help.

Resources represents your character's 'standard of living' - this can, but does not have to mean liquid wealth.

- Each dot will need a defined source. Not all dots have to be attributed to the same source. See Resources Notes for more details.

Retainers are your servants, assistants and minions. Either through repeated Discipline use, Blood Bond or other forms, they are your character's most steadfast and loyal companions.

- Each dot will need to be defined using the method outlined in Ghoul Creation.

Security are measures which the character has put in place to improve their, well security. From fortified havens and using tail-avoiding tactics to ensuring there are no paper-trails and said haven does not draw attention to itself. Kindred are often all too aware that they may be immortal, but they're not indestructible.

- Each dot will detail what Security has been put into place, and what bonuses will be applied. After all, having the haven blend in to the surrounding area will hinder others finding it, but not actually gain entry...

- This category is subdivided into Security [Personal] and Security [Haven]. If in the possession of more than one haven, you must identify which of the havens receive the benefit. Being-based security - such as ghouls, animals etc come under their relevant Backgrounds, not Security.

Status is how well others think of - and treat your character. After all, other Kindred will listen attentively to a pillar of their sect or clan and weigh up their words - however boring the words might be and how foolish the suggestion seems to be.

- See Status Notes For more details.

- This category is subdivided into Status [Camarilla] and Status [Clan].

See also: Using Backgrounds

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