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Norwich Gazette
Monday, January 22nd 1900.

Sunrise: 8:10 AM
Sunset: 4:00 PM
Temperature: 25F

Cloudy and dim, significant windchill. Surface snow 2 inches within city, significant chance of light snowfall. Residents are warned of ice and cold.

Rötschreck and You

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Rötschreck and You

Post  God on Mon Apr 11, 2016 8:29 am

Kindred fear, with good reason, flames and fire. Unfortunately, the world in 1900 is full of fire - particularly more than today. Please remember the following;

- Streetlights are fuelled by 'town gas' [coal gas]. Jets of burning gas, contained only within a metal and glass box.

- Home lighting, if not by town gas, is through paraffin [kerosene] lamps, or candles.

- Heating is solely by open coal fires. Every room has a fireplace, and unless the place is unused or the height of summer, will be lit in the evenings. Kitchens will have large cast-iron cookers also fuelled by burning coal.

- Any factory of worth will have an attached steam engine to provide power for machinery. A big furnace full of burning coal and flames. Every train is also powered by burning solid fuels.

- All the above does have the chance of exploding, or the fires getting out of hand. All PC's here are old enough to remember when such things were more common.

- Almost all men smoke - particularly pipes. Which means it will be frequent for a PC to be discussing something with a mortal who's puffing away and using matches less than a foot away from them.

Because I don't want to have to run Frenzy rolls every time a PC enters a room or even walks down a street, I am going to relax - a little - the rules on Rötschreck.

- I will not roll for candles, lamps, open fireplaces or the like - as long as the fire is 'secure'. However, PC's will be alert and wary about them. If entering a room, they will instinctually attempt to stay far away from the open fire, sit at a table lacking candles, put a screen in front of the fire etc. However, I do expect you to roleplay their unease about said fires [repeatedly looking to see it's still 'secure', getting agitated if someone moves to do something with it etc.]

- All Kindred know - and love - Davy lamps [safety lamps]. Designed to stop underground explosions in mines, it is impossible for a fire in such a lamp to escape. However, they'll need to find a mortal to light and put fuel into it first, though.

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