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Norwich Gazette
October 1904.

Sunrise: 7:20 AM
Sunset: 6:00 PM
Temperature: 65F

Bright and warm, with a refreshing breeze; clouding over later. Small chance of light showers in the evening.

Character Creation Steps

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Character Creation Steps

Post  God on Wed Mar 16, 2016 1:21 pm

So, you've looked around, read the blurb and like what you see - this is the method I will be using for turning your desire to play into reality...

1/ Make sure you have read General Rules, Taste and Decency Rules, Running Format and all in the Welcome sub-forum. I have tried to make the site as self-explanatory as possible.

2/ Join EAbN. Don't worry too much about your username right now; this can be changed later.

3/ Log in and send me [God] a Personal Message titled 'New Player'. Normally I will notice you've joined the forum, but this makes sure I don't miss you.

4/ Pitch me vague concepts. Don't say ones you think I'll accept, please be honest and say which ones you'd enjoy playing most. Making a character is a joint effort for both you and me; you wish one who will be fun and interesting to play, and I need to fit them into a chronicle.

5/ When we hit a concept which we both agree with, you will get your 'Creation Roll'. This is where you find out how much extra XP and Generation your character has to play with. [see below post for details].

6/ Make your character sheet. [again, see below post].

7/ Once the character sheet has been agreed, decide on the final name for your character. For the purpose of making life easier for all, I ask that it is not too similar to either current PC's or NPC's.

8/ Time for the character's backstory. Look, I am not asking for a light novel. Nor am I going to use it as a source of pointy things to poke you with. Said story does not have to be particularly exciting or unique. You know what obituaries are like in a newspaper, right? - that is what I am asking for. Light on the actual details, but giving a feel of the character. It can be done in around 100 - 200 words, depending on how old your character is.

This is more important that you'd think - if anything else, allows me to see how you visualise your character.

9/ At this point, your character will go active. Due to the running format, chances are the other active characters are halfway through a story. So, it is either you wait for a break before starting play or to start playing a solo prologue immediately. I favour the latter.

10/ As you play through your prologue, this also gives you time to fill in the blanks in your in your 'Sparks of Unlife'. Yes, some things need defining. Where does those Resources 2 come from? What is your Ghoul's skills? Why do they have Status with the clan and sect? - that kind of thing.

- See Sparks of Unlife Notes for more details.

11/ Then, the finishing touches. An avatar, personality post and your signature. I aim for all characters to be fully completed by the time they enter group play.

While this order does not have to be followed exactly, I do advise it - experience tells me that a different order runs the risk of having to re-do parts again due to changes in concept etc.

If you have any problems, questions, whatever during creation, please ask me. That's what ST's are there for!

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'Writing is the most fun a person can have by themselves' - Terry Pratchett

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Re: Character Creation Steps

Post  God on Fri Jul 29, 2016 8:39 am

Character Sheet Creation.

First, you must get your generation and starting experience points [XP]. Generation is both free and fixed; if scoring higher than 12th Generation, you do not have to pay for this with Background points. However, you cannot lower your character's Generation with Background points either.

I will roll a 100-sided dice twice, to assign Generation and starting experience. These rolls will be for the player not the character. Generation is assigned as listed:

Number Rolled: Generation
01 – 05: 7th
06 – 15: 8th
16 – 34: 9th
35 – 64: 10th
65 – 84: 11th
85 – 94: 12th
95 – 100 13th

Starting experience points [XP] will be determined by a second roll, on the scale below. These points are not to be mistaken with Freebie points. These points should be used at creation but a small amount [under 5] can be banked. When spending these points, teachers and learn times do not apply. These are experience points and are to be spent at experience point costs. These points are in addition to the 15 freebie points you receive at creation.

Number Rolled: Experience points allocated.
01 – 09: 50
10 – 29: 40
30 – 45: 30
46 – 90: 20
91 – 100: 10

Generation only denotes lineage, not time as one of the undead. If your sire is of the 8th Generation or below, there is a good chance they hold a considerable amount of Status in sect, clan or both. It is your job to marry up your Generation and starting experience before entering play - though if you are stuck, I am willing to assist.

Once you have your generation, you know the framework you can use to create your character. We use the standard VtM creation method outlined in V20 Core, 3rd Edition Core and Victorian Age Core [with a few tweaks.] While I'd prefer you to work from the Victorian book, I understand if you don't have it. Character sheet format is here.

Where I have said 'ST Discretion', this means I will listen to any reasonable suggestion. If you are unsure of details, feel free to discuss things with me.

1/ Character Concept
- ST Discretion: To accept Natures and Demeanours from other cWoD books.
- Clan is limited to Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador and Ventrue. No Bloodlines.

2/ Select Attributes
- As stated in V20, 3rd and Victorian Age Core books.
- No 5s entering play.

3/ Select Abilities
- See Character sheet format used here.
- ST Discretion: To accept Secondary Skills.
- No 5s entering play.

4/ Select Advantages
- See Backgrounds and Lores used here.
- Note that each character gets free dots for Lores [5], Backgrounds [5], and Disciplines [3].

5/ Last Touches
- Free Invisible Merit: Common Sense.
- ST Discretion: All Merits / Flaws. Will consider ones from other cWoD books.

Once you are done, send the sheet to me for final approval.

Used with permission from Rhode Island by Night [adapted].

'Writing is the most fun a person can have by themselves' - Terry Pratchett

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