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Norwich Gazette
October 1902.

Sunrise: 7:20 AM
Sunset: 6:00 PM
Temperature: 45F

Cloudy and dim, severe fog. Residents warned about lack of visibility.

Michaelmas Court [All]

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Michaelmas Court [All]

Post  God on Fri Jan 05, 2018 6:06 pm

[Norwich Castle, October 1902. 22:00]

Once again, it was time for the quarterly formal Court held by Baron Matilda, held at the castle. The same system as ever; an outer ring of police, an inner of armed soldiers, the Kine manning the cloakroom and to check in any weapons. The old weapons and exhibits in the [Norman Great Hall], the local Kindred idly chatting or viewing the pieces with slight boredom.

But, a rumour had gone around; that tonight was going to be seeing new Kindred arriving at the Fief. So it promised to be a marginally more interesting evening...

Special Rules:
- This is a purely social RP thread, to tide us over until we have a quorum of ready PC's for the next Series.
- I will announce in your Q&C's when you are able to enter this thread.
- Please state in first post what your character is wearing.
- The invitation makes it clear that ghouls are not invited, refreshments are not served and the dress code is "white tie".
- This is the 'master thread'; all conversations will be in separates.
- All NPC's listed in Character Biographies are present, with the exception of Matilda herself and the Seneschal they are all available for your character to talk to. [Please state in your Q&C's which NPC's you wish to make contact with].

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Re: Michaelmas Court [All]

Post  Anastasia Mills on Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:39 pm

With a polite curtsy after being announced, Anastasia enters the Great Hal wearing a Prussian-blue and dark green mid-Victorian evening gown, with matching Sterling silver and dark malachite jewelry, her hair in a braided chignon.

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Appearance 4 (Speciality Graceful)
Anastasia's Personality Post
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Re: Michaelmas Court [All]

Post  Thomas Thatcher on Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:47 pm

Thomas entered the Hall in his Dress Uniform  head held high with a swagger of a British gentleman.

Scanning his surroundings he saw some Familiar faces giving each a nod of recognition


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Re: Michaelmas Court [All]

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