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Norwich Gazette
Monday, January 22nd 1900.

Sunrise: 8:10 AM
Sunset: 4:00 PM
Temperature: 25F

Cloudy and dim, significant windchill. Surface snow 2 inches within city, significant chance of light snowfall. Residents are warned of ice and cold.


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Post  God on Wed Mar 16, 2016 1:05 pm

'Matilda may only be a ruler of a waning domain on the verge of complete irrelevance, but this is a matter of principle. Her removal will show to all those who oppose us that we do not forget old slights, that we always seek full repayment for them - even if said retribution is several centuries in the making, and the prize barely worth possessing.'
Excerpt of letter to Tremere Primogen Bainbridge of London, 1897.

Now entering her 63rd year on the throne, Queen Victoria has presided over the growth of the largest and richest empire known to man. But just as the swathes of pink on the map hides the weakness of the Empire, the general glut of prosperity has disguised the fact that some areas suffered during these 'good' years - such as East Anglia.

Once the breadbasket of the nation, farms sink deeper into poverty due to mass imports from the Dominions and the United States. Country estates decay, many mortgaged to the hilt by spendthrift aristocrats. Her ports shrivel and die as trade moves elsewhere. Once the largest and richest city in the land after the capital, Norwich has stagnated during the Queen's reign. Ignored, isolated, neglected, backward... these are words often used in describing the region by visitors; Kine and Kindred alike.

Few British Kindred know much of Baron Matilda, or of her rule. What does reach their ears, does not tempt them to risk the journey. Accounts tell of a domain utterly in thrall to several powerful elders, ruled by a leader who is authoritarian and reactionary even by Camarilla standards. Tales of a permanent ban on Embraces, corporal punishment for the smallest of crimes and gruff refusals for requests to settle are frequent... as well as worse, though mere whispers.

But even elders change their minds occasionally. For reasons unknown, Matilda has granted the right for a small coterie of neonates to settle within her fief. While this information isn't public, word of it has spread through the capital's Elysiums. So far, neonates approached have declined this offer; fearing unknown elders, being pawns in yet another movement in the Jyhad, used as fodder or simply not liking the idea of leaving their comfortable havens and hunting-grounds for a provincial backwater. However, there will be a few Kindred who are willing to take a risk on this opportunity...

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