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Norwich Gazette
Monday, January 22nd 1900.

Sunrise: 8:10 AM
Sunset: 4:00 PM
Temperature: 25F

Cloudy and dim, significant windchill. Surface snow 2 inches within city, significant chance of light snowfall. Residents are warned of ice and cold.

Unlife in the Era

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Unlife in the Era

Post  God on Tue Apr 11, 2017 3:27 am

As of 1900


Letters / Parcels
Provided by Royal Mail, it can be posted at any time in the distinctive red post boxes. Parcels must be sent from a Post Office, of which are open between 8AM to 6PM - 8PM [depending on size] Monday to Saturday. Speed of delivery is the following:

- UK: 1-3 days.
- Western Europe: 2-7 days.
- Eastern Europe / Middle East / North America: 10-30 days.
- British Empire: 10-60 days.
- Australasia: 60-80 days.
- Rest of world: No promised delivery time.

Also provided by Royal Mail, the message will be transmitted electronically to the nearest Post Office, then delivered by hand. If the destination is too far away for hand delivery, it will do the last leg in the post. They are usually sent from Post Offices, but there is also a telegram office at Victoria Station permanently open around the clock. Messages sent by Kindred should reach their UK recipient by the next night.

Naturally, if both people have the machines and are present, it is instant. Public booths are available at a few locations, such as train stations, gentleman's clubs and Post Offices. At this time, you can only telephone people within the local area.


National Newspapers
All run three editions: 'Morning' [4AM], 'Lunchtime' [11AM] and 'Evening' [3PM]. The time-lag between printing [in London] and sale in Norwich is around 4 hours. Around half run Sunday editions, but only one print run.

Regional Newspaper
This is the Norwich Gazette,, which with the exception of Sunday is an evening paper. While it does make some attempt to cover national / international events, it focuses mainly on regional news.

Opening / Closing Times
'General business hours' are 8AM to 6PM, Monday to Friday, 8AM - 1PM Saturday. The vast majority of entertainment venues [pubs, restaurants and clubs] close around midnight. Smaller industrial concerns stop work between 6PM and 8PM, while the larger ones [such as Caley's or Jarrold's] sometimes operate around the clock. All are closed on Sundays.

With the exception of some of the entertainment venues, everything is closed on Sunday.

Butcher, baker, candlestick maker - this is a world of independent, specialist shops. Lack of refrigeration means food shopping is daily, though many offer delivery services. While mass-produced brands are increasing in popularity, quality and range, many still consume locally-made clothes, foodstuffs and furniture. Odd, one-line shops abound - cheesemongers, seedmen, leatherworkers. Most are run by people skilled in their trade; your local tobacconist or butcher could explain the intricacies of their different products, and produce a personalised pipe-blend or sausage just for you.

In the last twenty years, a new form of shopping has arisen - the 'mail order'. Born from a combination of cheap printing, railway, the Post Office and mass production, it allows people regardless of location to choose from a large selection of products from a book called a 'catalogue', then to have it sent directly to your home. From clothes to books, furniture to even live animals - all done from the comfort of your fireside armchair. Naturally, one of their biggest fans are Kindred - it's a running joke that the Kine inventor received his knighthood directly from Kindred intervention to the Honours List.


Bus / Tram
Norwich is well-served with horse-drawn public transport - if you are Kine. Only marginally faster than walking and often taking indirect routes, they generally stop between 6PM and 9PM.

Like every large settlement, Norwich is well provided with a fleet of horse-drawn hansom cabs. Fast, reliable and operated by Kine who know the city well, it is often the best way to travel. The only drawback is that they generally are impossible to get after Midnight.

Every district of Norwich with the exception of the City has a railway station, with Victoria operating as the city's hub. Unfortunately, while the districts are linked with Victoria, most are not linked to each other. Regular passenger services run from around 6AM to 10PM.

See Also: A Quick Guide to Norwich

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