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Norwich Gazette
October 1904.

Sunrise: 7:20 AM
Sunset: 6:00 PM
Temperature: 65F

Bright and warm, with a refreshing breeze; clouding over later. Small chance of light showers in the evening.

General Rules

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General Rules

Post  God on Wed Mar 16, 2016 4:59 pm

By instinct, I do not like rules. However, I accept they are needed. And feel that it better to get them out now, rather than the issue coming up later and me ruling on it. If players understand how I think, perhaps they can pre-empt my decision and can move on without my input. It's a bitch to have to wait on an ST, particularly for a trivial ruling.

Underlying 'Guiding Principles'

I: Mutual respect.
You are all experienced RP'ers here. I have faith you will abide by the rules and sheer common sense. I will not micromanage your PC's. While the listed rules might seem like I am, that is not the intention - I am simply being honest with you now to what I'd say no to anyway.

II: In a battle between rules and common sense, the latter wins.
I am not a slave to the rules. I will do my best to avoid making 'lawful stupid' rulings. If you are trying to do something which is reasonable but is against the listed rules, you can safely accept that it can be done. Though I will ask you to mention it to me too.

III: I am reasonable. But I am also God.
I want you to be creative. As I have said before, the plots I will tangle you up in are not a straight-jacket. If you 'take a third option' I'd not anticipated, I'll run with it. As the game develops, new situations will arise which I hadn't yet thought of - which means the ruling will be provisional. If you think I've made a poor decision, ask about it - I can be persuaded, or it may be that I am taking into account an aspect you were unaware of.

You can continue to attempt to persuade me until I say 'This is my final decision'. However, if the situation changes you can re-open the debate.

IV: I want you to be proactive.
If you've got a side-plot for your PC you'd like to follow, I will do my best to accommodate. Not every plot has to involve all the currently active PC's. In fact, I want you to be ambitious with your PC's.

V: OOC is nice, but no poison.
I've been around long enough to see how OOC drama can ruin the best of games. So no bitching about other people who aren't here, bitching behind other's backs, snarky sniping and generally avoid topics that are likely to cause serious arguments. If I feel the OOC area, PM's and/or ChatBox is being abused, I'll lock it. Please, don't make me play the cranky bastard.

VI: Honesty is the best policy.
If you're feeling annoyed about something, but do not tell me - how do you expect me to learn of it, telepathy? If I don't know, I can't help. In return, I will be honest with you. If you give me information that I don't particularly wish to hear, I will do my best to calmly look at the situation from your point of view before replying. I won't hide, ignore or fudge the question. If I say 'that would be difficult', that is what I mean - when I mean no, I say it outright.

Lastly, I advise you start watching the 'Storyteller Announcements' thread. Every time I update something, move the chronicle along etc. I will say so here.

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Re: General Rules

Post  God on Wed Apr 20, 2016 2:16 am

Posting Rules.

While I doubt this will be an issue, I am saying these things so you all know now...

Godmoding. Named NPC's are off-limits, period. Minor NPCs can be controlled as long as they follow common sense and reasonable actions - a barman getting a drink, a servant opening a door etc. Your allies, contacts and retainers also fall under the second point.

Speech rolls. If your PC is attempting to persuade other PCs and want a roll, put [Speech roll] at the end of the post. I'll do the roll, tell of the results, then you can RP out the results. Please do not post until I have rolled.

Discipline usage. If your PC uses a Discipline against other PC's, put [Discipline use] at the end of the post. I'll do the roll, tell you of the results, then you can RP out the results. Please do not post until I have rolled. I will allow some Disciplines to be automatic successes [which don't need the tag] - I will tell each PC which ones they are beforehand in your personal area.

Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar are highly stressed here. If it's possible I advise members to type their posts up in a word processor or install a spellchecker to their browser before they post.

For God's sake, use paragraphing. If anything else, it's easier on the eyes. Similar goes for using coloured text. Just because you can see it fine, doesn't mean others can!

Be descriptive. If you are at a loss for words then try to describe the scenery or what the characters are wearing or doing.

Don't waffle or pad. Nobody likes wading through an acre of text. And to be honest, I suspect most will skim-read it at best. But if there is a good reason for a long post [say telling a story, or drawing up a plan] don't be scared of doing it.

If you post it, everyone knows. Things in your character's head stays in their head. If you really have the need to say something internally, tell me!

If you make a new thread, you must put the IC date, time and location at the top. Example: (14th January 1900, 7:30 PM. Rose & Crown Pub, Norwich City). This is to help all of us [but particularly me] to keep track of the date and continuity of the story. I also ask you to check with me first if said thread is okay [I might have a sinister plot lurking in the wings for you].

I will point out here that in EAbN, we use the UK date format DD/MM/YY. Invoking Rule III, I rule this is the correct method.

Continuity is important here. Your PC's cannot be in two places at once. However, the time/date only moves with the threads, not vice-versa. In short: I will not shoehorn plot threads simply to keep to an arbitrary timetable.

Retconning threads [of any type] is explicitly banned unless I say otherwise. However, I do not think this situation will happen.

If a thread becomes a plot thread, I will publicly announce it to all.

Tagging Rules. Tagging is when players join a new thread. In this case, you are to post once and then wait for others to join it. I will reply with an NPC / flavour description when it's time to go.

Shotgunning Rules. Shotgunning is where one player is skipped over in a thread. This is not allowed in IC threads, unless...

- I give permission for you to do it. [usually means I've applied the 'Three Day Rule' or the player in question has said it's okay to me].

- Your character is answering a direct question posed by another - as long as it is short and to the point. The order then returns to as before. However, this can only be done once.

Example: If player B asks player A a question, A can quickly slip in a reply to it before C posts. But B will have to wait until their usual turn to react to A's reply.

- I have posted as an NPC which moves the story along.

If you wish to skip your turn, simply put in a post which shows as much; 'A looked to the rest, listening to the conversation' etc.

If I am in a thread as an NPC[s], I am the divider between turns. So, it does not matter if the order for turn #1 is A, B & C and turn #2 is B, A & C - as long as all PC's get a chance to post. This is mainly to take into account the nature of pbp; we are in different timezones and usual posting times etc...

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Re: General Rules

Post  God on Fri Apr 29, 2016 10:56 am

'Attendance' Rules.

I would like each character to check in daily [visit, though not necessarily post] during the week. However, I fully accept this may not be possible. As there's been a little confusion, I have laid this down in black and white.

#1: 'The Three Day Rule'.

If you don't post in an IC plot thread for three days, I will allow the other PC's to post around you until you return. If your character is halfway through an action, I will use my best judgement to continue as I feel you would.

#2: 'The Ten Day Rule'.

If after ten days after applying the first rule you still have not posted in a plot thread, I will take control of your PC until the end of the thread. I will normally attempt to fade you into the background, but if that is not possible, I will use my best judgement to continue as I feel you would. If you return, I will immediately return control to you - but you will have to live with the actions I have done.

#3: 'The Twenty Day Rule'.

If after twenty days after applying the second rule you still have not posted in a plot thread, I will convert your character to an NPC and slate them for mothballing at the end of the Episode. If you return before the end of the Series, I will allow you to resume play [but you will have to live with the actions I have done].

If you still have not returned by the time a new Series starts, that character is retired, gone forever.


- In these three rules, I do not count weekends as a day.
- I will also announce 'extended weekends' where attendance rules do not apply. [Normally: Christmas - New Year].
- I count a day as a '24 hour block' from your last post.
- I am reasonable. I won't apply this to purely social threads, solo threads, you waiting on other PC's to reply or for me to reply to your Q&C's.
- Unless all players have posted in a round, do not wait for me. I will jump in the middle of a round if I have time. Only wait if all the players have posted in that round.
- I won't look too kindly if I see players repeatedly posting in social threads while it's clear a main thread is waiting for them to advance.

The 'RL Overload!' Button.

I understand RL comes first – if you suddenly learn you can't post for a bit, let me know. Less grief, and takes only a moment to do.

Press this [aka tell me] and I'll guide your PC to the end [in a manner I see most natural to the PC], then fade them out as soon as possible. At the end of the Episode, I'll then mothball them.

Any solo stories will either be ditched or completed off-screen [depending how far the progress in it is]. If in a story with other PC's, I will try to fade them out, but if I can't, I will play them 'till the end of it in a manner most natural to the PC.

Your PC will be able to come back to play until the start of the new Series - then they're gone forever. Sorry.

It may be an idea to study the 'Running Format' of EAbN too, so you understand what I mean by 'story', 'episode' etc...

'I wanna quit!'

If you no longer wish to play, please let me know as soon as possible. If it's simply the character you are tired of, we can discuss perhaps retiring them at the end of the Episode and bringing in a new one at the start of the next. If you are quitting completely due to say RL issues, again please tell me.

'Writing is the most fun a person can have by themselves' - Terry Pratchett

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Re: General Rules

Post  God on Tue Apr 11, 2017 3:23 pm

Rolling Rules.

I don't want to have to continuously perform rolls for your character - particularly in purely social threads. Here is the general rules on when you need to ask and when you don't.

Yeah, it's okay.
- Things which are way below your character's appropriate die pools. Examples: Knowing George III was King during the Napoleonic Wars with Academics 6, understanding the difference between simple and compound interest with Finance 5, knowing werewolves call themselves 'Garou' with Shapeshifter Lore 3.

- Events and major names during your character's 'lifespan'. A British Kindred born in 1830 would certainly remember the Great Exhibition [1851], Indian Mutiny [1857], Disraeli [1860's], the Franco-Prussian War [1871], Gladstone [1870's] etc. They may not remember the details about them, but remember at least the names.

- 'Common Knowledge' items. Examples: London is the capital of the UK, Victoria is Queen, Americans speak English etc.

- 'Professional Knowledge' items. In short, the things which any half-competent member of a profession would know. Examples: Doctors - basic human anatomy, Businessmen - how to read ledgers, Thieves - how to perform a small 'bump and pinch' etc.

- Basics about the character's backstory. If previously from South Wales, they will know the economy is dominated by coal and iron and it is ruled by the Malkavian Baron Biltmore. If they grew up in the country, they will have at least a rudimentary understanding of agriculture. A Russian PC would understand what 'serfdom' means etc.

- Details about your character's backstory which have no link to anything else. Number of mortal siblings, occupation of parents, minor stories about their childhood etc. However, if you do introduce a new slice of backstory, I suggest you add it to your Sparks.

- Anything I have told you in your Q&Cs, your character has been told by another PC / NPC in an IC thread, I have told you in your private infodumps or I have already rolled on.

Better check first.
- Details about all of the above events, people, locations etc when the die pools are closer. Academics 2 might mean knowing George III was King during the Napoleonic Wars automatically, but does not mean you also automatically know he was also King of Hanover at the same time.

- Fleshing out details of your character's backstory which actually link to the wider world. While I will generally be okay with it, I do not want you to instantly invent say a Harpy in X city or a fight with the Sabbat in Y without running it past me first.

Always ask first.
- All details on extended rolls. Going back to the George III example, you will need a roll to recall *all* the details about him.

- Things which are just iffy. A character with pools of 2-3 on Crafts and Larceny wouldn't be able to really suggest methods for safecracking off the cuff.

- Serious WoD metaplot stuff.

Generally, I'd seriously advise that unless you are sure, it's best to check with me first. Repeated violators will be... corrected in interesting ways, such as 'occultists' being forced to instantly spend the XP to get to the reasonable level to justify their knowledge.

'Writing is the most fun a person can have by themselves' - Terry Pratchett

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Re: General Rules

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