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Norwich Gazette
October 1904.

Sunrise: 7:20 AM
Sunset: 6:00 PM
Temperature: 65F

Bright and warm, with a refreshing breeze; clouding over later. Small chance of light showers in the evening.

Welcome to EAbN

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Welcome to EAbN

Post  God on Wed Mar 16, 2016 1:04 pm

East Anglia By Night [EAbN] is a Vampire the Masquerade [VtM] chronicle set in the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, England - with the city of Norwich as the epicentre.

It is a coterie-based, dynamic chronicle which started at the close of the Victorian Era [1900], continuing through to the present day [and perhaps beyond] as they attempt to not only survive, but thrive through what may prove to be the last century of the childer of Caine.

As the characters grow in ability, so will the scope – and consequences – of their choices and actions. A choice made in 1905 may very well come back to haunt them in 2005, or before, or not at all. The history laid out in the official material and our history books up to the chronicle's start date happened as written. After that, all bets are off. Perhaps after all the British will lose the Second World War, the Week of Nightmares does not happen and the story ends not with Gehenna, but with nuclear fires across the globe caused by Kine hands alone. Even I don't know – for the decisions will be your characters to make, not for me to make and to force on you.

While this will use the familiar play-by-post system, the structure is more akin to the tabletop system originally used for VtM. That is, it is structured. Apart for the coterie, all other characters will be non-player characters [NPC's]. There will be considerable amounts of downtime [periods where the player characters don't have a quest to go on] where they will build up their power-bases, improve their abilities and most importantly, plot their next moves.

See Also: EAbN Introduction

'Writing is the most fun a person can have by themselves' - Terry Pratchett

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