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Norwich Gazette
October 1904.

Sunrise: 7:20 AM
Sunset: 6:00 PM
Temperature: 65F

Bright and warm, with a refreshing breeze; clouding over later. Small chance of light showers in the evening.

Status Chart

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Status Chart

Post  God on Wed Mar 16, 2016 1:48 pm

A list of Status, for both Sect and Clan. I have provided a generic example on why such may be granted.

All Kindred receive this, so it does not count.
Admired: Correct actions and deeds befitting their clan / position in society. Cited as a role model for lessers to follow.
Adored: Genuinely liked by the majority. A social gathering isn't a good one until they arrive.
Brave: A rare breed in a society of potential immortals; they risk their very unlives to succeed.  
Cherished: Long and faithful service in an official or unofficial position. Others will openly admit that they would be difficult to replace.
Famous: There are few who have not heard of them; the ones who have not don't really matter. At least one of their actions in the past has become the 'stuff of legend', often several of them. But this also means they are impossible to miss, and even enemies know their reputation.
Faultless: Perhaps due to good instincts, intelligence or simply sheer luck, every call they have made has been correct [or at least appears to be]. Others will frequently look to see what they are planning to do on an issue.
Feared: A grizzled warrior with many victories under their belt, their mere presence on the field of battle motivates their troops and disheartens the enemy.
Honourable: They can be trusted to perform their tasks correctly. They will act in the best interests of all, not simply for self.
Influential: They know how to get things done – and have many ways of doing it. From a power-broker to a fixer of problems, they are often vital in making other's desires become reality.
Just: Their loyalty and honesty is without question. The mere idea of self-enrichment or putting personal goals above others is an alien concept to them [or so it seems...]
Learned: With a sharp mind and a wealth of knowledge on many subjects, they are valued highly as advisers, scholars and administrators.
Praised: Showing the hallmarks of a good leader in training, they have repeatedly exceeded expectations in the results department.
Prestigious: Their respect stems from their vitae, not the body it resides in. Most commonly, this denotes a chide of an elder; quite often one such as a Prince or other of sufficient Status.
Respected: They have not shone in any one area, but in general are considered 'a good sort' by others. The dependable workhorses of any organisation.
Revered: They are a walking example of the best of their blood or sect. A single movement of their head can sway a discussion – for obviously they know the 'correct' decision.
Suave: Courteous and sophisticated, they use their words to mould the world to one of their liking.
Trustworthy: A proven track record of diligent, discreet service. They will not willingly cut corners or break the rules to accomplish their goals.
Well-Connected: A networker extraordinaire, they seem to have a contact for every possible problem. Others will frequently seek them out for 'introductions'.
Well-Known: Either from diligent hobnobbing, a particular expertise or sheer longevity, their name is familiar to many.
Useful: They have shown themselves to be competent enough to assist those elder than them in their tasks. A underling worth having.

See Also: Status Notes

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