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Norwich Gazette
October 1904.

Sunrise: 7:20 AM
Sunset: 6:00 PM
Temperature: 65F

Bright and warm, with a refreshing breeze; clouding over later. Small chance of light showers in the evening.

Using Backgrounds

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Using Backgrounds

Post  God on Fri Jul 22, 2016 1:16 pm

The rough-and-ready mechanics of how you can use your various Backgrounds...

Allies: Within time constraints, you can consult them as many times as you wish for advice and/or information. You can also call on them to assist you physically once per episode; a second call will require a persuasion roll. Naturally, there will be times they will need your help.

Contacts: If you are able to visit them, you can consult them twice per episode. If elsewhere, once per episode [communications are not instant]. When they are created, it will be agreed what motivations each Contact has in helping you.

Herd: On rising, you can request to partake from your Herd instead of traditional hunting. This will be at a lower difficulty roll. Each dot will allow one free meal without ill-effects; any more than this may have complications.

See Blood, Willpower and Hunting for more details.

Mentor: Regardless of location, you are only able to consult or request aid once per episode. When they are created, it will be agreed what motivations your Mentor has in helping you. The number of dots represents how much you'll receive in return; one dot could be an ancilla who gives it all they can, or an hoary elder who occasionally tosses you a tit-bit because 'you caught their eye'. Naturally, they may at times call on your help.

Resources: Any item at or below your current Resources level can be yours, time constraints and numbers permitting [cannot buy a house overnight]. You are also allowed to 'splurge' once per episode on one item which is one dot higher than your current rating.

See Resources Notes and Resources Chart for more details.

Retainers: Within time constraints, you can consult them as many times as you wish for advice, information or to perform simple tasks on your behalf [communications permitting]. However, give them too many tasks in an episode and there may be unforeseen side-effects. Like others, there will be times that you have to help them.

Status: At any time, you can ask for a Clan and/or Sect Status roll on another Kindred.

See Status Notes and Status Chart for more details.

All the above will be managed through your Q&C's.

See also: Background Notes

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